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The more technology advances, the greater compulsion people feel to use their cell phone every hour of every day. Unfortunately, this includes the time they spend behind the wheel when they are supposed to be focused on the road ahead and nowhere else. The most prominent example today is the use of cell phones while driving.

With their increasing abilities to play music, show maps and send e-mail or text messages, there are plenty of things to take a driver’s attention off the road. Even though there are a number of local and statewide ordinances against the use of cell phones while driving, people just can’t resist the urge to respond to a text message when they are in the middle of traffic.

Chicago Car Accident Attorneys

At Grazian & Volpe, our attorneys represent South Chicago victims injured in accidents caused by people who are texting while driving.  Motor Vehicle accident attorneys help clients to recover the complete compensation you deserve. From lost wages and medical bills to rehabilitation and property damage, you can rely on us to pursue a comprehensive settlement that accommodates your current and future needs.

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Some of the Most Dangerous Accidents on the Road

Research has shown that the impairment level of a person sending a text is nearly equivalent to that of a person who is legally intoxicated. The reaction time of a person looking down to send a text message is so slow that there is almost no chance to hit the brakes if there is a sudden stop in traffic. These circumstances result in near full-speed collisions that cause extremely serious injuries.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys’ extensive experience with motor vehicle accidents allows us to be much more proactive while seeking fair compensation for your injuries. We understand the value of your claim and the kind of medical and financial support you will need during your recovery.

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