Truck Driver Fatigue

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ( FMCSA) has specific regulations in place that govern how truck drivers do their jobs. These regulations are in place for the safety of the drivers as well as the other motorists on the road. When they choose to ignore these regulations, it puts everyone on the road at risk of potentially life-threatening personal injury in the event of an accident.

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One of the most important regulations on the books for commercial truck drivers is Hours of Service (HOS) that dictates when and how long drivers may drive before they must stop for rest. Truck driver fatigue has been shown to be one of the primary causes of trucking accidents. Perhaps the worst part about these accidents is that the vast majority of them could be prevented if drivers would simply follow the regulations and get the appropriate amount of rest.

Illinois Truck Accident Lawyers

The Chicago truck accident attorneys at Grazian & Volpe dedicate their entire practice to helping injured victims secure complete compensation for the harm they have suffered at the hands of fatigued truck drivers. You can rely on us to pursue every available option in an effort to secure the best possible result in your case.

Building the Strongest Possible Case to Support Your Claim

When you hire our firm, we will conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of your motor vehicle accident. We have access to accident reconstructionists and other experts who can help us understand exactly what happened and who was at fault. We look at the driver’s log books and any other relevant documentation in an effort to present the most compelling possible argument to support your claim for compensation.

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