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When Drunks Cause Accidents and Injuries

When two people at a bar get in a fight, almost no one is surprised. Two drunk people stumbling around and throwing punches or beer bottles at each other is likely to end poorly. However, although the drunkards may have instigated the violence, they are not always the only victims. Innocent bystanders may get injured by poorly aimed punches or unstable drunks who lose their balance. Worse yet, that drunk might get in a car and end up injuring an innocent victim.

When drunks cause accidents, they may not be the only party liable. Although they will likely be held liable for the damage they caused, the bar or dram shop that served them liquor can also be held accountable.

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If you were an innocent bystander who was injured in a bar fight, or if you were injured in another way by a drunk, experienced Chicago dram shop and bar liability lawyers can help you hold the appropriate parties accountable. At Grazian & Volpe, that is exactly what we do. Each of our attorneys averages more than 20 years of trial experience, and we are committed to bringing justice to our clients.

Holding Taverns and Bars Liable

In Illinois, when a drunk driver causes an accident, the bar or liquor store that served him or her can be held liable. When we work with clients, we work to prove that the bar contributed to the intoxication. It does not matter if the drunk person had one drink at the first bar and 10 drinks at the second bar; both bars may still be held liable for contributing to the intoxication.

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If you were an innocent bystander in a fight between two drunk people, attacked by a drunk in a bar, or if you were injured by a drunk driver, we can help you hold the liable party accountable. We know it can be frustrating to be injured by another person’s carelessness when you work hard to stay safe, so our pledge is to maximize the compensation our clients receive. Learn more about the representation we provide by contacting our firm online or calling 773.838.8100 to schedule your free initial consultation.