Chicago Falling Merchandise Injury Lawyers

Injuries Caused by Falling Merchandise

In many large, big box stores, businesses stack merchandise as high as they can. Display racks are stacked several shelves higher than what most customers can reach, and the top shelf may be stacked all the way to the ceiling. While this may be the most effective method of stocking as much merchandise as cheaply as possible, it is often not the safest thing for the customer.

When merchandise is stacked too high, customers often reach for the item they want that is within their reach. Because they cannot reach the top of the pile, they may pull a box out from the middle or take the top box off which ever adjacent stack is lowest. Unfortunately, given the laws of physics, each time a customer touches the stack, or takes a box off the adjacent stack, the merchandise becomes a little less stable for the next customer who happens to walk down the aisle. Eventually, the entire pile of merchandise falls to the ground.

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Accidents Caused by Poorly Stacked Merchandise

All businesses are guilty of being motivated by a financial bottom line. Because it is cheaper to stock things on site and less often, store owners may encourage employees to stack things too high or in places that make it difficult to walk down an aisle without bumping into them. In the best case scenario, the pile is stacked well enough that pulling a few items out of the middle, or off an adjacent stack, will not be enough to tip the pile. Many times customers can see that a stack of merchandise is unstable, but other times they may not find out until it falls and injures them.

In addition to injuries suffered from falling merchandise, many customers also suffer injuries from merchandise that is left in the aisles while it is being stacked. When customers try to squeeze through the narrow aisles, they bump into stacks of merchandise waiting to be stocked, or they fall on lower piles while looking at the shelves for their next purchase.

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