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The neck is susceptible to a wide variety of injuries, including herniated discs, muscle strains, soft tissue damage and many others. Some of these injuries can have extremely serious long-term impacts on their victims that can result in loss of bodily function and the ability to live a normal life.

When these injuries happen as a result of another person’s negligence, victims have the right to seek compensation for the harm that has come to them. Neck injury cases can be very complex because the full extent of the injury may not be fully known for several days or even weeks after the initial accident. It is important to have an experienced Chicago neck injury lawyer representing you who understands these injuries.

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The personal injury lawyers at Grazian & Volpe have helped countless victims throughout the Chicagoland area who have suffered serious neck injuries at the hands of negligent people. No matter how your injury occurred, you would be well advised to speak with one of our attorneys to learn more about your rights and legal options.

Seeking Justice for Illinois Neck Injury Victims

Insurance companies are often hesitant to pay claims for neck injuries because there is no visible evidence of any actual damage. When you hire our firm, we will work to determine the full extent of your injuries and what type of medical care and financial support you will need to recover. We identify any parties who may share in the liability for your injuries and aggressively seek full compensation from all of them.

Our attorneys have handled neck injury claims involving all types of accidents, including:

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If you suffered a neck injury in an accident that was caused due to the negligence of another person, we can help you. If your injury occurred while you were working, we can review your case to see if you may have grounds for a separate claim beyond workers’ compensation. We offer a free, no-obligation case review where you can get your questions answered with no risk. Learn more about the representation we provide by contacting us online or calling 773.838.8100.