Chicago Scaffolding Accident Lawyers

Falls From Ladders and Scaffolding

At most construction sites, there are numerous things that could lead to falls, accidents or injuries. Given their height and often unsecured nature, ladders and scaffolding are two of the first things that come to mind. Ladders that are set up on slippery surfaces may slide, scaffolding built too high can collapse, and workers can fall from great heights off either structure.

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If you were injured because of a construction accident, it is important to work with experienced Chicago scaffolding accident attorneys to make sure your rights are protected throughout the process. At Grazian & Volpe, we have years of experience helping individuals receive the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve, as well as holding subcontractors and general contractors liable for your injuries.

Proving Liability in Scaffolding and Ladder Fall Cases

In workers’ compensation cases, an employer is liable to pay benefits to any worker who they employed who can show their injuries happened at work. In addition to benefits they may be entitled to from their own employer, the injured construction worker may also have rights against other contractors working at the jobsite.

For example, if carpenters make cutouts in the floor to insert a staircase and do not properly barricade it before they leave, and another worker (such as an electrician) falls into the hole, both the carpentry subcontractor and the general contractor could be held liable for the worker’s injuries.

If someone fell from a defective ladder, the company that provided the ladder could be held responsible. In any construction site accident case, it is important to understand the customs and practices of the industry, the contractual and insurance obligations of the various contractors and the safety regulations and standards required by each trade.

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There are often numerous people who share responsibility for an accident and you may be entitled to compensation from more than one source. When you contact our firm, we will promptly investigate your the accident so we can preserve any relevant evidence and identify each company you may be able to collect money from for your injuries. Learn more about the  workplace injury representation we provide by contacting our firm online. We can be reached online or calling 773.838.8100 to schedule your free initial consultation. If you are unable to make it into the firm, we can visit you in your home or at the hospital.