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Were you injured in Palos Heights, IL? Get a free consultation on your claim today at Grazian & Volpe. Located just ten miles from Palos Heights, Grazian & Volpe is a TOP Personal Injury Law Firm committed to providing effective legal aid to its clients. Whether you’ve been injured in a car or truck accident, a slip & fall, a dog attack/bite, or whether your claim is one for worker’s compensation, the attorneys at Grazian & Volpe have the skills and experience to hold those responsible accountable and to fight for the most compensation for your claim. We’re confident you’ve found the best legal representation in the business: call today for your free consultation and find out why.

A Personal Injury Law Firm That Knows How to Win

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When you choose Grazian & Volpe for your representation, you get the skill and service that wins over ninety percent (> 90%) of personal injury cases. Our stellar win rate is not some empty statistic: it represents the over ninety percent (> 90%) of clients whom our attorneys have successfully won compensation for—compensation that allowed them to remain financially whole and to recover with peace of mind.

Our win rate also represents the phenomenal skill, strategy, and determination of our attorneys. When compared with the average personal injury law firm’s win rate of just fifty-four percent (54%), the distinction between our attorneys and the average becomes apparent. But what can account for such a disparity in winning?

In an ideal legal system, one might expect that every injury of the same kind would receive the same compensation under the law. However, this is not how justice operates in our legal system. Our system decides each case on the basis of the facts for that case, so that every person receives the justice due to his or her own circumstances.

What this means in practice—and why it’s so important to consider when choosing legal representation—is that who your lawyer is matters a great deal. One attorney might win a case another attorney would have lost or would have won less for. The difference may depend on many factors, but it usually boils down to competence and strategy, and a law firm’s win rate is a good benchmark for what you can expect for your representation.

At Grazian & Volpe, our attorneys have been able to win so many cases because their over forty years’ collective experience has made them familiar with the ins and outs of the law in the personal injury field. Our attorneys know the strategies the insurance companies employ; they know how to construct robust pleadings and motions; they know how to argue the facts in the most favorable manner. And they do it all themselves, without paralegals or law clerks (non-lawyers), to deliver personalized legal service to each of their individual clients.

Many other personal injury law firms, however, operate on a different model: high volume, quick turnover. Their attorneys take in all the clients they can get, delegate the work to non-lawyers, and are often quick to accept the first low-ball settlement offer. They’re committed to getting their money, not to getting you the most compensation.

Our goal at Grazian & Volpe is to get the most compensation possible for the claims of our clients—and we will never settle for less, even if that means going to trial. (By the way, one of our attorneys wrote a book on jury selection, so we know what we’re doing in a courtroom, too!)

Your legal claim represents the one chance you have at getting the compensation you deserve. Don’t settle for anything less than the best representation in the field. Call Grazian & Volpe today to receive a free consultation and to learn how we can win your case.

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Time is of the essence for personal injury claims. After an accident, life can become chaotic, but don’t wait to contact a personal injury law firm because the time after the accident is crucial for collecting evidence that is vital to your claim. Let our proven professionals get working on your case.

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