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Were you injured in Evergreen Park, IL? Grazian & Volpe is ready to take on your case and get you the compensation you deserve. Located only seven miles from Evergreen Park, Grazian & Volpe is a Personal Injury Law Firm practiced in cases ranging from motor vehicle accidents, trip and falls, and dog bites, to worker’s compensation claims. With over forty years of collective experience, our attorneys leverage their legal skills and knowledge to win you the most possible for your claim.

A Law Firm Specializing in Motor Vehicle Accidents

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At Grazian & Volpe, 95% of the cases we handle are motor vehicle accidents. From rideshare accidents, to hit and runs, to underinsured motorists, to simple fender benders—we’ve seen it all. And we know how to handle each case to maximize your recovery. Insurance companies have one goal: to pay as little as possible. Our goal is just the opposite, and we know how to achieve it.

The proof is in the numbers: we win THREE TIMES (>90%) as many cases as the average personal injury attorney (~28%). How we do it is just as simple: we FIGHT to WIN. A lot of personal injury attorneys look for the quick check, so they accept the insurance company’s first offer and turn over cases quick. When we take a case, however, we commit ourselves to achieving the most compensation possible for the claim. We’ve been around a while, and the insurance companies know of our tenacity.

Our tenacity extends beyond rejecting lowball settlements, however. When you hire Grazian & Volpe, you’re contracting for our legal expertise. That means you get the full service. We’re the kind of Personal Injury Law Firm that goes the extra mile for the evidence that is going to win your case. Whether that means looking into a car’s black box, requesting the data from a traffic camera, having a specialist investigate the accident site, and everything in between—if it means a larger settlement for you, we are going to do it.

Hire a Personal Injury Law Firm you can trust to fight for what you need and deserve. Hire Grazian & Volpe.

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Time is of the essence for personal injury claims. After an accident, life can become chaotic, but don’t wait to contact a personal injury firm because the time after the accident is crucial for collecting evidence that is vital to your claim. Let our proven professionals get working on your case.

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