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Were you injured in North Riverside, IL? Grazian & Volpe is here for you. Located less than eight miles from North Riverside, Grazian & Volpe is a Personal Injury Law Firm that WINS CASES – and, with a win rate OVER 90%, we win them more than the average personal injury firm (54%). From motor vehicle accidents to trip & falls, to dog bites to worker’s compensation claims, we have the strategies and skills to get you the most compensation for your claim.

A Personal Injury Law Firm Specializing in Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Motor vehicle accidents make up the majority of cases that we see. We understand how life-changing even a minor accident can be. Even if you weren’t injured badly, there can be a lot of bills to deal with, and getting back to “normal” can be very difficult when you’re going to physical therapy and working overtime to pay down the physician and hospital bills.

That’s why you need a competent Personal Injury Law Firm to mount your case. At Grazian & Volpe, we know what a case needs. Our attorneys have over forty years’ collective experience; they’ve seen it all. So, when you come in for your free consultation, they will know just what your case needs to win.

You’re going to need evidence for your case. Our attorneys know how to analyze a case to determine what evidence is relevant and necessary for your case. Whether that means collecting black box data from the vehicles, requesting video from traffic cameras, or hiring an expert to testify, we have nationally recognized attorneys who will construct the bast case for your claim.

Moreover, at Grazian & Volpe, we don’t quit. We win. That means you can be confident that we won’t settle for lowball settlement offers from insurance agencies. We go all the way and are prepared to argue your case in trial court if needed.

Put your case in the hands of competent and trusted winners. Call today for your free consultation.

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Time is of the essence for personal injury claims. After an accident, life can become chaotic, but don’t wait to contact a personal injury firm because the time after the accident is crucial for collecting evidence that is vital to your claim. Let our proven professionals get working on your case.

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