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Were you injured in Oak Forest, IL? Grazian & Volpe is ready to take on your case. Located right by Midway International Airport, Grazian & Volpe is a Personal Injury Law Firm with nationally recognized counsel, a ninety-percent (90%) win rate, and over forty years collective experience in winning cases ranging from motor vehicle accidents, trip & falls, and work injuries to animal attacks.

If you were injured in Oak Forest, IL, your recovery is too important to be left in the hands of the average attorney. Call Grazian & Volpe today to have your case handled by proven winners.

A Personal Injury Law Firm Specializing in Motor Vehicle Accidents and Trip & Falls

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Motor vehicle accidents make up the majority of cases we handle at Grazian & Volpe. Next most are trip & fall accidents. While we handle both kinds of accident differently from a legal strategy point of view, the end results are the same: Grazian & Volpe wins three times (3 x) more cases—over 90%—than the average Illinois personal injury firm (28%).

Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating, not just physically but financially. After a car accident, your life can feel chaotic: your body is sore, if not worse; bills begin adding up: physician bills, emergency room bills, surgery bills, repair bills; and all your time is taken up in recovery and trying to get back to living normally.

This is why you need a good attorney to handle your case. After a car accident, there’s a lot of evidence to begin collecting, such as traffic light data, black box data, photos, police reports, and medical records. The same is true for trip & falls: there may be camera footage or witnesses that can prove vital to winning your case. Not all are relevant to your case, but a knowledgeable attorney knows where to start looking to preserve the evidence necessary to win your case.

After evidence, however, comes strategy. Strategy is what distinguishes the good attorney from the great. At Grazian & Volpe, our experience in handling accident cases has taught us what to expect from the insurance companies and corporate attorneys, and it has taught us how to fight them to get the maximum recovery for our clients. And not only do we get the most for our clients, we get it two times more than the average personal injury firm that wins only fifty-four percent (54%) of its cases.

Grazian & Volpe wins over ninety percent (> 90%) of its clients’ cases, and that is due to the experience, knowledge, and strategy of our great attorneys. Contact us today to have one assigned to your case!

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Time is of the essence for personal injury claims. After an accident, life can become chaotic, but don’t wait to contact a personal injury firm because the time after the accident is crucial for collecting evidence that is vital to your claim. Let our proven professionals get working on your case.

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