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Were you injured in Worth, IL? Grazian & Volpe is here to help you. Located just eight miles from Worth, Grazian & Volpe is a Personal Injury Law Firm committed to getting you the most compensation possible for your claim. Whether you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident or a trip and fall, or whether your claim is one for worker’s compensation, our attorneys have successfully won all manner of personal injury cases to get our clients the compensation they needed and deserved. Call us today for a free consultation to learn how we can help.

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There are countless personal injury law firms in the Chicagoland area. The average number of them, however, win only fifty-four percent (54%) of their cases. You won’t find their case win-rate on their websites because it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in their legal practice. They’re odds of winning are about as good as flipping a coin.

We at Grazian & Volpe, on the other hand, widely advertise our case win-rate—over ninety percent (90%). That is, we win over ninety percent (90%) of the cases we take on. Whether those claims are motor vehicle accidents, trip and falls, dog bites, bicycle accidents, child sports injuries, or others, the odds are in our clients’ favor that they will walk away with the money they need.

But our win-rate is not due to luck or chance. Our attorneys are not gamblers—they’re thoroughly educated and highly practiced in the law of personal injury.

With over fifty years’ collective experience practicing personal injury law, our attorneys have developed the knowledge, skills, and strategies that win cases. They have their fingers on the court’s pulse for the latest developments in the law. They craft pleadings, answers, and motions (the legal paperwork that moves your claim through the court) articulately and persuasively. And should your case go to trial, one of our attorneys has written a book on jury selection and is a highly accomplished advocate, so we have you covered there, too!

As for strategy, the most trusted one that we employ is that our attorneys do all the work for your case themselves. This might not sound remarkable because it isn’t.

What is remarkable is that the average personal injury law firm doesn’t follow it. That’s due to their business model: high volume, quick turnover; take on a lot of cases, settle them quickly. To accomplish this, the average personal injury law firm employs paralegals (non-lawyers) to do most of the work. Then, when the insurance company offers its first low-ball settlement offer, an attorney suddenly appears to accept it on your behalf. That’s what happens fifty-four percent (54%) of the time, anyway: the rest of the time they lose.

At Grazian & Volpe, you can trust that the attorney assigned to you is performing all of the work for your claim—from start to finish. What’s more, our attorneys don’t only win cases more often (> 90%), but they also win more money for our clients. This is because they’re not interested in simply quickly turning over your case. Our attorneys are selective in the cases they take on, they don’t take on more than they can handle, and they don’t settle for less than what they think your claim deserves.

At Grazian & Volpe, we have a client-centered approach. That’s why we win more cases (> 90%) and win more money for our clients. Call us today to receive a free consultation and to learn how we can win the compensation you need and deserve.

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Time is of the essence for personal injury claims. After an accident, life can become chaotic. But don’t wait to contact a personal injury law firm because the time after an accident is crucial for collecting evidence that is vital to your claim. Let our proven professionals get working on your case.

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