Types of Compensation
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Understand Potential Types of Compensation

There are a few different types of accident compensation that may be available to you. The skilled Chicago accident attorneys here at Grazian & Volpe will be sure to explain which types are available in your specific case and diligently pursue them for you.

  • Medical bills and rehabilitation costs.
  • Pain and suffering, which may include emotional distress.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life/loss of a normal life.
  • Lost wages.
  • Property damage, such as the damage to your vehicle.
  • Disfigurement, in the event that you are left with scarring or suffered an amputation injury.

The type of compensation available can vary from accident to accident. As Chicago personal injury lawyers, we uncover all the facts surrounding your accident to make an accurate assessment of damages. Thorough investigation with the help of experts is necessary so that an accurate picture of the accident may be constructed and your compensation can be maximized.