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In T-bone accidents, the driver who acted negligently on the road by not following traffic signs or committing traffic violations is usually at fault. However, while it may appear that the driver who collided with the other vehicle is responsible for the accident, this is not always the case.
In a multi-car accident, determining fault requires a careful examination of all available facts. Each car accident is unique, and blame for the incident falls on the person or parties responsible. The person responsible for an accident, or his or her insurance company, will bear the major financial responsibility. To determine who is to blame, it is essential to gather sufficient evidence to prove what happened.
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Bicycle Accidents: Joliet to Appeal $2 Million Award

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Bicycle Accidents Joliet to Appeal $2 Million Award

Bicycle Accidents and Injuries: Joliet to appeal $2 million award to bicyclist hit by police car.

Bicycle Accidents Joliet to Appeal  Million Award

Poor Cedric Bacon, 57 was struck by a Joliet police car traveling more than 60 mph at an intersection in South Chicago. Bacon suffered severe trauma and several skull fractures. Bacon now lives with his son in Atlanta had to use a wheelchair for more than a year after the bicycle accident and injuries suffered. The jury awarded the money on July 15 after almost a week of trial and court records indicate that Bacon had almost $700,000 in medical bills. Of course, Bacon is also responsible for legal bills and court costs so the award is not exactly a windfall. However, Assistant City Attorney Greg Smith confirmed the city plans to appeal the verdict which means it will be quite awhile before Bacon sees a penny of his award.

Bicycle Accidents are cause for serious and debilitating personal injury. Bikers should obey all traffic regulations and wear a helmet. However, it’s difficult for the most seasoned cyclists to avoid a speeding patrol car in hot pursuit of a suspect so when you can’t stay safe stay with Grazian and Volpe! Your Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys at Grazian and Volpe want you to avoid all accidents but when you can’t they will advocate for all your interests and assure the best compensation for your personal injury, pain and suffering. Be sure to watch for John Grazian and his answers to legal questions the first Tuesday of every month on WCIU, You and Me in the Morning.

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