Workers’ Compensation

A doctor is diagnosing a patient

When the Workers’ Comp Doctor Is Negligent

Workers' compensation doctors can be held liable when their negligent acts cause injuries or death. Like other medical professionals, workers' ...
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A worker is creating a glass in fire

Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim for Heat Stress

Workers may be able to file a workers' comp claim to recover compensation if they suffer from heat stress while ...
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Workers’ Workplace COVID-19 Exposure Claims Made Easier By Illinois Legislature

As of Friday, May 22nd, the Illinois legislature passed House Bill 2455. Awaiting Governor Pritzker’s signing, HB 2455, among other matters, ...
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Workplace Injuries From COVID-19 In Illinois

The spread of COVID-19 across Illinois has resulted in many work-related infection claims. If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 that ...
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Winter Cruisers: Read the Fine Print

Kudos to the clients of Grazian and Volpe who are able to escape ChiBeria, Chillinois whether by train, plane, auto ...
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When Your Slip and Fall Accident May Be Worth Money

Grazian and Volpe have fielded thousands of calls from potential clients who have been injured during a slip and fall accident. ...
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Are Chicago construction sites more dangerous for women than men?

It was not too long ago that Chicago employers held on tightly to traditional notions of gender roles in the ...
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Injured at Work- Don’t be Bullied-You Can Still Choose Your Own Doctor!

If you are injured at work, do not be bullied by your employer into choosing the company doctor. Doctors are ...
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Workers’ Compensation Claims Decline in Illinois Valley

According to a recent NewsTribune analysis, workers' compensation claims in the Illinois Valley have fallen by 20 percent in the ...
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Safety Incentive Programs Encouraging Employees to Hide Work Injuries

While they might seem like a good idea, the Government Accountability Office says safety incentive programs, like rate-based programs, can ...
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