Drunk Driving Car Accidents In Illinois Can Mean a Big Verdict

Drunk Driving Car Accidents can mean a big verdict for the plaintiff. A jury awarded more than $11.8 million last month to a driver whose car was rear-ended by a repeat drunk driver. The plaintiff developed a painful and debilitating nerve condition as a result of the crash that has confined him to a wheelchair. Plaintiff was stopped at an intersection when the drunk driver hit him from behind and then fled the scene. When finally apprehended she failed two field sobriety tests and was booked for a DUI. The drunk driver had a long history of DUIs and was convicted of another about a week after she rear-ended the plaintiff.

Certainly, it is better to avoid car accidents but it is especially difficult when a rear end collision is involved, more so when it is one of the thousand United States drunk driving accidents that occur each year. Juries now seem favorable to granting large verdicts where intoxication appears to be the cause of the accident, especially with repeat offenders. Hopefully, this is another method that these problem drivers can be deterred from mixing drinking and driving. Grazian and Volpe, Chicago Injury Attorneys pride themselves on protecting and advocating for their injured clients and assuring them the best settlements possible to help alleviate the pain and suffering associated with traumatic and debilitating auto accidents.

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