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Due to its subjective nature, there is no precise method by which the financial value of a slip and fall victim’s pain and suffering can be measured. Insurance companies often dispute the monetary value of the pain and suffering slip and fall victims experience due to their injuries. Accordingly, insurance companies sometimes claim that slip and fall victims are exaggerating the pain and suffering they are experiencing. Insurance companies present arguments that cause a victim’s pain and suffering to be undervalued.
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$3 Million Settlement in Gas Station Premises Liability Case

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Settlement in Gas Station Premises Liability Case

A $3 million dollar settlement was awarded to the parents of a 21-year old man in a premises liability cause of action filed against the owner of the gas station as well as two other firms that supplied the station with products and marketing.

Settlement in Gas Station Premises Liability Case

The 21-year old man, who had schizophrenia died after the clerk allegedly shot him during a scuffle in the convenience store gas station. The clerk fled the United States to his own country before he could be charged voluntary manslaughter and armed criminal action.

Grazian and Volpe are glad that the victim’s mother was able to get some closure in this wrongful death suit and wish her strength in recovering from this tragedy.

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