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ADT Security Settles in Premises Liablity Wrongful Death

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ADT Security Settles in Premises Liablity Wrongful Death

Your Chicago and South Chicago Premises Lawyers at Grazian and Volpe have not been too impressed with the customer service at our local ADT Security Services company. However, this case puts our complaints to shame but should serve as a warning bell to ADT that shoddy business practices can cost more than a disgruntled phone call.

While the settlement amount is confidential it appears that a Washington woman and her boyfriend were killed in their rural Washington home just weeks after she had bought a state-of-the-art ADT alarm system in an effort to protect herself against her ex-husband who had made threats and was considered to be violent. The system failed and there was no audible alarm sounded when the ex-husband broke into the home. Therefore the decedents were surprised in their sleep and the police received no notification of the invasion.

While many alarm companies include contract language to protect themselves from liability, the South Chicago Premises Liability Lawyers at Grazian and Volpe have always held that this language should never be enforceable where egregious and/or grossly negligent behavior is involved on the part of defendant. Homeowners purchase security systems for warning and protection-the providers of those systems should have premises liability for failure due to faulty installation, maintenance and operation; and, should never be able to hide behind boilerplate language.

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