Did You Cause a Motor Vehicle Accident: Don’t Advertise on Facebook!

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Did You Cause a Motor Vehicle Accident Don’t Advertise on Facebook!

A driver of a car which allegedly caused a brain injury has been sued by the driver of the motorcycle he hit. The motorcyclist and his passenger were severely injured, suffering fractured skulls, brain injury and multiple fractures to the cyclist’s upper and lower extremities. His passenger has been required to undergo multiple surgeries and both are recovering a private rehabilitation facilities. Eyewitness accounts indicate the driver of the motorcycle was stopped appropriately when the driver of the car crossed into his lane at what appeared to be a “very high rate of speed.”

Unfortunately, there was no radar in operation and the exact rate of speed of defendant cannot be verified. Fortunately, for our unfortunate injured plaintiff’s-defendant’s large mouth and ego should help to prove him liable. Apparently, defendant had posted several pre-crash photos of his car on his Facebook page with the caption under one photo reading “….ready to drive at 90 miles per hour.”  Kudos to plaintiff’s attorneys for doing their research on this reckless driver and a big fat raspberry to the misguided hubris of the speedster defendant.

Grazian and Volpe has defended victims of motor vehicle accidents in Chicago and South Chicago for over 25 years. Never have we seen a defendant so willing to make the plaintiff’s attorney’s job easier. Nothing is more tragic than an accident that could have been avoided and we hope this defendant becomes one less perpetrator of reckless driving.

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