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Dog Bites Need a Dog Court!

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Dog Bites Need a Dog Court!

The South Chicago Injury Attorneys have represented the victims of dog bites in Chicago and surrounding suburbs for over 25 years. We have found that injuries can be particularly traumatic and disfiguring to the young and often the result of poor control by the pet owner.

As lovers of animals and the advocates of the victims of animal attacks, we are always searching for ways in which the interests of the pet owners and the safety of potential dog bite victims can be balanced and protected.

This month marks the first anniversary of “pet court” which convenes Friday mornings as part of the municipal court system in San Antonio, Texas. This new and innovative court focuses on enforcement of the city’s animal control laws, including failure to register or vaccinate pets and allowing pets to roam unleashed. Many cases involve dog bite victims and pets that are accused of being a public nuisance.

There are now 78.2 million dogs in the United States, a goodly portion of which are free roaming strays. The judge in San Antonio has focused less on generating revenue for the city and more on the education of pet owners and the welfare of the animals, themselves. The enforcement of control laws and education of the pet owning public are important tools in the prevention of animal attacks and health issues due to more pet maintenance or improper handling of pet waste.

Grazian and Volpe applaud the court in San Antonio for its enlightened and altruistic tenor and hope that existing and future “Pet Courts” adopt the same progressive attitude.

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