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Lawyers oversee legal matters on behalf of their clients. When looking for one, you need to know the legal services you need. In the case of a car accident claim, a lawyer will oversee all communications and negotiations between you and the insurance company. The lawyer will also help you file court-mandated documents within the statute of limitations (time limits) for filing those documents. 
An insurance claim is a request for benefits or compensation for damages that result from a motor vehicle accident. The claim is typically made with the insurance company representing the driver who is at fault.  Both drivers will need to report the accident to their insurance companies, however, in accordance to the requirements of their individual policies. Many car insurance claims are made each day around the nation, and the process has become relatively standardized. That doesn’t mean the insurance company won’t push back if they believe they shouldn’t recognize their liability, but the process will be similar to most other accidents of the same type.
Chicago car accident attorneys are likely going to attempt to reach a settlement with the insurance company before going to court. The majority of car accident lawsuits are settled out of court. However, if the insurance company refuses to offer a reasonable settlement, or if they have decided to argue fault for the accident, you could find yourself going to court.  
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Final Government Report on Tragic Truck Accident a Call to Action

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Final Government Report on Tragic Truck Accident a Call to Action

The Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers at the Lloyd Miller Law Group feel that the final report in the Kentucky truck accident that occurred last March is a positive message and call to action for the implement of tougher government safety regulation of the trucking industry.

Last September we reported that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) had instituted an investigation of the 2010 truck accident wherein 11 people were killed, including the driver of the truck and ten members of a Kentucky Mennonite community riding in a van on their way to a wedding.

The report found that the truck driver was using his cellphone at the time of the crash and issued further admonitions that all bus drivers and truck drivers be barred from using a cell phone while operating a vehicle. The implementation of this recommendation would be the most significant highway safety measure since mandatory seat belt usage.

The Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers at the Lloyd Miller Law Group applaud the recommendation of the NTSB and hope that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and all 50 states will take swift action in implementation of newer and tougher safety regulation on the commercial trucking industry.

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