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As a victim in a rideshare accident in Chicago, you can bring a claim to seek compensation for your injuries. It is important to understand the ins and outs of rideshare accident claims. Specifically, you should know who’ll be considered responsible for the accident and which insurance company to contact for compensation.
Figuring out who is liable for a hit and run accident is more complicated than in a traditional car accident case. Illinois state law requires drivers to remain at the scene of any accident they are involved in. Unfortunately, many drivers leave the scene before law enforcement can arrive. This complicates matters for victims who sustain losses in the wake of an accident.
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A GPS Can Help Even the Accident Odds Between Biker and Driver

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A GPS Can Help Even the Accident Odds Between Biker and Driver

Now that outdoor weather is upon us, the Chicago and South Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers at Grazian and Volpe wish to re-visit the safety of bikers, motorized or pedal driven. We have advocated on the behalf of hundreds of victims of motor vehicle accidents for over 25 years. It is an obvious fact that motorcyclists and bicyclists suffer worse injuries. Perhaps the scariest and most consistent feature of these accidents are the brain injuries and memory loss suffered by the bike rider. Often, the cyclist suffers a loss of memory rendering them unable to recount the reasons and events of the accident.

As Chicago and South Chicago Accident Lawyers, we often have the unsavory task of reconstructing much of the accident through patterns of damage on the helmet, gear or the break and wound pathology of the victim. Hopefully, photos were taken of the motor vehicles and tire skid patterns. Often the driver of the motor vehicle involved in the accident has an advantage in recounting the details of the accident and not surprisingly-in the light most favorable to themselves meaning the very real possibility that a biker does not receive the settlement to which they may be entitled.

ENTER THE GPS! Recent litigation in the area of motorcycle and bicycle accidents have utilized the information provided by GPS systems employed by bikers to re-construct the true course of the accident. While the GPS systems may be utilized by all sides in a motor vehicle/bike accident, the use of these systems is certainly altering the way both car and bike accidents claims are settled. The Chicago Accident Lawyers at Grazian and Volpe know that the advocacy of claims require the collection and analysis of GPS data, whether from motor vehicle driver or the cyclist. This data is crucial in reconstructing the accident as well as jogging the cyclist’s memory and facilitating their ability to piece together the details of the accident.  Data recorded may provide the speed, direction, stop pattern, road obstructions and time of impact. It can serve to corroborate, refute or clarify the driver’s account of the accident.

It is an unfortunated fact that motorcyclists and bicyclists suffer the worst in any accident involving a motor vehicle. Obtaining maximum settlement for these victims is often hampered by the memory loss often suffered by them due to their greater propensity to head injury.

As experienced Chicago Accident Attorneys we now recommend that our cyclist clients consider traveling with a GPS system as another safety tool. While helmets, lights and proper safety practices may protect a client, a GPS may assure that they obtain maximum compensation for their injuries.

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