Motor Vehicle Accident: $40 Million for Faulty Seatbelt Buckle

Motor Vehicle Accident Causes Wrongful Death:

Motor Vehicle Accident/Wrongful Death Trial: A state court returns a $40 million dollar verdict in favor of the parents of a teenager who was killed in a 2004 car accident. The 16 year old girl lost control of her car and struck a sign. Her auto overturned, her seatbelt buckle failed and she was ejected from the car.

The jury found against Kia Motors and the maker of the seatbelt buckle. It was determined that Kia officials knew that the seatbelt buckles in 1999 model Kia Sephias were faulty, but did not include them in a recall of 1995-1998 vehicles. Kia was also aware that Sephias and Sportages made in 1999 and 2000 had the same faulty seatbelt buckles as those it recalled in 2002. Kia did not recall the 1999 and 2000 vehicles until August 2004.

Grazian and Volpe applauds the jury’s findings and are gratified that justice was done for the family.  Kia should have acted swiftly and indiscriminately in its recall, especially where a primary and crucial safety device such as a seatbelt buckle is found to be faulty.

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