Motorcycle Accidents: Winning the Jury

Verdicts in motorcycle accidents can be expected to come in 25% lower than those of a similar motor vehicle accident. While many may argue the percentages, the bottom line is that juries treat those who ride motorcycles differently….and accident victim riders need to find accident lawyers who are cognizant of the difficulties inherent in motorcycle crash litigation.

Jury focus groups assembled to review motorcycle accidents reveal that the non-riding public perceives riders as motorists who range from risk takers all the way to just plain reckless. While clearly not a true representation of the riding public, a personal injury attorney representing a rider must be prepared to dispel public perception.

It is important to differentiate the client from those perceptions. Evidence of a client’s educational, family, employment and community responsibility must be acquired and developed as priority to counter the defense’s anticipated exploitation of the general negative public perception that exists.

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