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Bicycle & pedestrian accident lawyers help injured plaintiffs determine when a pedestrian can sue a driver in civil court. Lawyers work to estimate the allocation of fault. If they determine that you, the pedestrian, are less than 50 percent at fault, you may have a good case. You must be injured and have suffered compensable damages. In trials, juries are the finders of fact and also act to apportion responsibility for the accident. Before proceeding with a case, your lawyer assesses whether you were involved in situations such as jaywalking, walking while seriously impaired by alcohol or drugs, not using a sidewalk when one was readily available, walking along a highway where pedestrians are not allowed, soliciting for donations, crossing against a crosswalk signal, or hitchhiking.
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Pedestrian Accidents with Cabdrivers: Report Reckless Taxis to 311

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Pedestrian Accidents with Cabdrivers Report Reckless Taxis to 311

Pedestrian Accidents with Cabdrivers; Everyone Should Report Reckless Cabbies by dialing 311

Cabdrivers were involved in 28 percent of pedestrian crashes finds a study commissioned by the City Department Transportation. Commissioner Gabe Klein said in a Chicago Tribune article of August 15, 2011 that the majority of taxi drivers in Chicago pose a public safety menace. He has vowed to implement strict reforms with the help of the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, which regulates the taxi industry. Pedestrians and other drivers can help by calling 311 to report reckless cab drivers.  Any cab driver receiving three or more complaints will be investigated.

While these reforms are welcomed, the attorneys at Grazian and Volpe know that pedestrian behavior is a key to preventing pedestrian-vehicle crashes.  Most accidents are caused by drivers failing to yield to pedestrians despite laws and traffic signals requiring them to do so.  We know from our more than 25 years advocating for injured pedestrians that the pedestrian sustains the greatest personal injuries-regardless of whether or not they were obeying the laws and signals. We caution all our clients to be mindful of all traffic signals and laws to stay safe and avoid injury and hope that more will report reckless cab driver behavior to 311 to help the City of Chicago in its quest to keep pedestrians safe.

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