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Bicycle & pedestrian accident lawyers help injured plaintiffs determine when a pedestrian can sue a driver in civil court. Lawyers work to estimate the allocation of fault. If they determine that you, the pedestrian, are less than 50 percent at fault, you may have a good case. You must be injured and have suffered compensable damages. In trials, juries are the finders of fact and also act to apportion responsibility for the accident. Before proceeding with a case, your lawyer assesses whether you were involved in situations such as jaywalking, walking while seriously impaired by alcohol or drugs, not using a sidewalk when one was readily available, walking along a highway where pedestrians are not allowed, soliciting for donations, crossing against a crosswalk signal, or hitchhiking.
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Pedestrian Accidents: Chicago Takes Aim

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Pedestrian Accidents Chicago Takes Aim

Chicago has just completed a five-year study on pedestrian crashes with an eye to protecting pedestrians against the increasing number of pedestrian injuries and fatalities occurring in Chicago each year. The focus of the study was to pinpoint crash hotspots and identify high-risk patterns that cause or contribute to pedestrian accidents.

Chicago through a Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) study found that the majority of pedestrian/motor vehicle accidents were caused by drivers failing to yield to pedestrians within 125 feet of the midpoint of an intersection- at crosswalks or nearby. CDOT is working with the Police and other traffic enforcement authorities to crack down on these drivers. Additionally, results of the study will spur faster deployment of more technology including the installation of pedestrian countdown clocks at all of the city’s 2,900 intersections with signals and deploying Leading Pedestrian Interval devices. These devices flash the walk signal several seconds before the traffic light turns green to five pedestrians a head start and help alert drivers that the crosswalk may be occupied.

The personal injury lawyers at Grazian and Volpe applaud the efforts of the City of Chicago to protect pedestrians. We will be discussing the study on the Web and on the first Tuesday of each month at WCIU, You and Me in the Morning. Please visit us on Twitter at GrazianTalksLaw and on Facebook and LinkedIn where we try to keep you updated on all the latest in personal injury and workers’ injury law.

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