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Product liability refers to the liability of any or all parties along the chain of manufacturing or distribution of a particular product for any damage caused by that product. This will apply to the manufacturer of individual component parts, or the assembling manufacturer, the designer, the wholesaler, and even the retail store owner. Product liability covers both the consumer of the product and also anyone to whom the product was given or loaned.
The first step in proving landlord negligence is creating documentation of your safety or security complaints that went unresolved, or even building code violations, particularly if fines were assessed. Safety concerns and building code violations often overlap, particularly when it comes to unsafe stairs or balconies, missing or damaged handrails, faulty wiring, and dangerous conditions in swimming pool areas. When it comes to premises liability and the negligent landlord, an experienced landlord negligence lawyer will need to help sift through the details to determine whether you have a reasonable chance to execute a claim against the landlord.
Before you can file a medical malpractice claim, you will need to obtain an affidavit from a medical professional stating that he or she believes you have a valid claim and that there has been a violation of the standard of care. The healthcare professional who provides the affidavit will need to review your medical records and then execute the affidavit before a lawsuit can be filed. The medical professional should have expertise in the field of the alleged malpractice.
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Personal Injury: Even if You’re Not in the Accident You May Be Injured

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We all know that a personal injury can occur in many different ways, a car or motor vehicle (bicycle, truck or pedestrian) accident, a slip and fall, work injury,a dog bite, nursing home abuse or medical neglect or an injury suffered due to the negligence of a building owner or manager. Those are just a few instances where personal injury can occur.

However, what if you are the spouse, child, or even the sibling of someone who is seriously injured? In Illinois and most other jurisdictions, you too may be entitled to compensation.

A spouse of an injured victim may be entitled to “loss of consortium” where the victim’s injuries has caused a significant change in the nature of the marital relationship. Obviously, that involves issues of sexual intimacy but can also include such things involving loss of companionship such as “we always went dancing; or boating; or golfing, etc. and can’t do so anymore.” or; loss of guidance and moral support. Naturally, funeral bills may be re-couped in the case of wrongful death and medical expenses are compensable in any injury.

The spouse and children of an injured victim or even a sibling (if there is no spouse or children) may recover damages for “loss of society” which includes but is not limited to loss of training and counsel; moral support; loss of guidance; loss of affection and financially these parties may recover medical expenses, loss of support and funeral bills.

This is of course, a simplistic list and the Chicago personal injury attorneys at Grazian and Volpe welcome the opportunity to share their 25 years of experience in settling and litigating Chicago and South Chicago accident claims for the spouses, children and siblings of personal injury victims. We understand the nuances of these claims and strongly advocate for and believe that the suffering of loved ones is as compensable as that for the accident victim.

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