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top-chicago-injury-lawyers Automobiles are a pervasive part of our society. Although they make transportation easier, their popularity has also led to a rise in the number of accidents. At Grazian & Volpe, we know that many people who are severely injured in car accidents are not at fault for the accident. Negligent drivers, speeding drivers and drunk drivers all cause accidents for individuals who drive well.

It is important to gather evidence quickly & professionally after a car accident. Insurance companies are in the business of not paying claims. Contact Grazian & Volpe in Chicago, Illinois after an accident.

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Chicago Lawyers Helping Auto Accident Victims

Although the severity of injuries varies depending on the severity of the accident, many people suffer serious injuries, including fractures, herniated discs and closed head injuries. The Chicago motor vehicle accident lawyers at our firm represent people throughout Cook County and the surrounding area who were injured in accidents involving:

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We know it can be frustrating to sit around waiting to learn about the value of your case or the payment you might receive from the other side. When we represent individuals, we provide the prompt and responsive answers they need at every step of the process. Schedule your free initial consultations with one or our experienced Chicago  motor vehicle accident attorneys by contacting us online or calling 773.838.8100.