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Premises Liability: Your Landlord Should Protect Your Safety

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Female tenant gives keys to male landlord

Your Chicago Premises Liability Lawyers at the Lloyd Miller Law Group want you to know that your Landlord Should Protect Your Safety! Common law mandates that the owner of a building has a duty to take reasonable measures to maintain that property in a safe condition. This means that a building owner is required to take minimal precautions to protect it tenants, and other persons on its premises from foreseeable harm, i.e., personal injury which not only encompasses issues of safe habitability (safe stairways, electrical, plumbing, etc) but also the duty of the owner to protect tenants from the foreseeable criminal conduct of a third person. Minimal precautions have included the requirement that a landlord install working doors and door locks as well as sufficient lighting and visibility at points of ingress, egress and travel. This is a duty conferred upon the building owner because he or she is in the best position to install the safety devices, locks and lighting which would serve to protect its tenants from foreseeable criminal activity.

Tenants may have a claim for personal injuries against the property owner, the manager or the security company in the event that they are attacked and assaulted in their apartment building or where they work.

As a tenant of or worker in a building it is important that you notify the property owner, manager or security company of any issues related to the safety of the building such as faulty door locks, lighting or security systems. If you are assaulted or attacked, and it is established that these parties were aware of the security issues, liability will be a slam dunk, and you can be assured of compensation for your personal injuries.

The Chicago premises Liability Lawyers at the Lloyd Miller Law Group have obtained just compensation awards for their clients on numerous premises liability claims and are staunch advocates for tenants and their right to be protected in their own residence or workplace.

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