Premises Liability: Scalding Water Hurts But It Could Pay

Your Chicago and Cicero Premises Liability Lawyers at Grazian and Volpe report on an interesting Illinois verdict which seems to show that scalding Water Hurts but it could pay! How often do we stumble into our local convenience store groggy and in need of that morning cup of joe?

Apparently, if you want to avoid a coffee related personal injury you should be a little more awake before pressing the “serve” button.  Plaintiff Cynthia Nance suffered second degree burns across the back of her hand when she pushed the button and 190 degree water shot out and coated her left arm. Burns are a serious personal injury and unfortunately Nance subsequently developed complex regional pain syndrome, a chronic condition characterized by intense burning, aching, swelling, and electric-shock-like sensations, increased skin sensitivity and changes in skin temperature and color. The condition spread up her arm and causes excruciating pain with even the lightest stimulus- light as even a summer breeze. Nance was awarded medical expenses plus future medical of more than 1 million and additional compensation of $1.25 million.

Apparently, the employees of the convenience store had removed parts of the coffee machine for cleaning without either disabling it or warning customers not to use it. Nance was able to prevail by alleging that this caused a dangerous condition and that the employees had not been properly trained on how to clean and/or disable the machine so that this danger would not be possible.

Next time, try to have your eyes open and your wits about you before you press the “serve” button! If not and personal injury occurs call one of the best Chicago and South Chicago Premises Liability Lawyers at Grazian and Volpe to make sure scalding water pays for you, too! Watch John Grazian the first Tuesday of every month on WCIU, You and Me in the Morning where he takes questions from viewers on many interesting, sometimes funny and always helpful personal injury, premises liability and workers’ compensation issues.

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