Property Owner Pays $1 Million In Women’s Shooting Death

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Gun and blood at crime scene

In a new twist in premises liability law, a settlement has been reached by the family of a woman killed in a drug-related shooting. The family will receive $1 million from the owner of a crime-ridden apartment complex for the wrongful death of this young woman.

Decedent was 19 years old when she was gunned down in August of 2011 while sitting outside the apartment complex. She was an innocent bystander without knowledge of the drug transaction that resulted in the fatal shooting.

The lawsuit against the property owner alleged that the owner failed to provide adequate security given the acknowledged dangerous threats which existed in the complex. Two men were killed in the shooting a young infant who subsequently recovered from a gunshot would to the head.

This settlement will act as a warning and precedent for all landlords who lease properties in crime ridden areas. Many of these units are Section 8 housing where the landlord receives guaranteed rental payments from the government. Instead of maintaining the properties, these landlords ofter pocket the income and neglect the safety of there tenants. Tenants in these properties need to be proactive in demanding that the property is secure, in repair and up to code. City authorities are spread thin and cannot be counted on to assure that every building is safe and habitable. Tenant involvement is required – the “old squeaky wheel” will help to protect the safety of all tenants.

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