Seriously Hurt in a Bicycle Accident: You May Still Get a Ticket in Illinois

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Woman in a bicycle accident

Personal injury lawyers and their clients are all too painfully aware that where a bicycle is involved in a serious bicycle accident – the bicyclist is the driver who sustains the worst injuries (see “bicycle accidents.”) Of course, motorcycle accidents share the same dynamic (same at “motorcycle accidents.”) A recent verdict reported notes the case of a plaintiff bicyclist struck in the pre-dawn hours of January. The young man who was a grocery clerk suffered traumatic brain injury with cognitive brain effect plus a pelvic fracture and aggravation of a hip condition.  It was determined that the defendant, who was operating a car, failed to maintain a proper look-out and safe speed resulting in his inability to avoid striking the bicycle. Plaintiff, however, was ticketed for failure to have reflective equipment on his bike and for improper position on the roadway. We have to ponder-a cyclist on a winter’s morning, traveling the wrong side of the road without reflective gear?!?!?! A hard lesson to learn, the hard way.

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