Steer Clear of Motorcycle Accidents This Summer

Summer is finally here, but with it comes increased safety risks for many people here in the Chicago area. As the weather becomes nicer, there are more and more residents taking to the streets, or their bicycles or motorcycles. Motor vehicle drivers need to do their best to keep a proper lookout for pedestrians, cyclists and bikers in order to avoid tragic collisions. Of course, those on foot or bikes should also follow traffic laws to protect themselves and prevent serious accidents.

Pedestrians and bikers are, of course, at a great risk of suffering catastrophic injuries when collisions with cars do occur. Many residents have heard that late last week a man died after falling from his motorcycle and being struck by a taxi in the North Side Lakeview area.

CBS Chicago reported that the accident took place at about 3 p.m. Thursday, June 20, in the area of North Lake Shore Drive and West Grace Street.

The cab driver has stated that he did not have time to brake. He was not cited in relation to the fatal accident.

A number of dangerous motorcycle accidents occur in the spring and summer months when drivers neglect to see motorcycles because they are yet not used to sharing the roads. This often happens when drivers pull out onto a street or make a left-hand turn. Such accidents can lead to fatal injuries for motorcyclists, so it is important for drivers to always look both ways when turning or pulling onto a street. Additionally, it is crucial for drivers to avoid distractions – like cellphones – that can keep them from spotting a motorcycle or pedestrian.

When negligence does lead to a motorcycle accident or another type of motor vehicle accident, victims and their families may be wise to talk to a personal injury attorney about their rights and options.

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