Tire Failure and Car Accidents: We Just Can’t Say Enough

Tire Failure and Car Accidents: Can’t Say Enough

Tire failure and car accidents go hand in hand and as Chicago and South Chicago accident lawyers-we just can’t say enough so here we go again……

Tire manufacturers recognize that tire failures, blowouts and de-treads are foreseeable events. Manufacturers endeavor to keep the tire users informed as to the proper use, maintenance and replacement of tires. They know that tire treads will wear with proper use, and fail if not serviced properly and replaced after their intended period of use has expired.

We have always advised our clients to heed the manufacturers guidelines to avoid car accidents and truck accidents caused by foreseeable tire failure. De-treading of a tire can result in single or multi-vehicle accidents and may also cause a vehicle to rollover. It is a manufacturing standard that a driver should be able to pull over-not roll over when a tire fails.

Unfortunately some instances of tire failure cannot be avoided by consumer observance. Tire tread separation may be caused by bonding problems that occur in the manufacturing process. They include but are not limited to contaminants that may be introduced into the tire during the tire making process, under-vulcanization, use of old ingredients, and improperly sized components. Even something as simple as air trapped between layers of the tire during manufacture can cause a tire tread separation.

Handling car accident and truck accident lawsuits where the cause is attributable to tire failure requires careful attention to the potential causes of separation. Please contact us by phone or internet with any questions regarding these issues. Remember the personal injury attorneys at Grazian and Volpe love to talk law and consultations are always free! Please visit us on our website at myaccidentlaw.com or on FaceBook and LinkedIn where we post daily on current issues in workers’ and personal accident and injury law. Watch for John Grazian on WCIU, You and Me in the Morning or follow John on Twitter at GrazianTalksLaw.

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