Truck Accidents: Factors That Cause Personal Injury

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Speeding trucks on highway

Truck accidents are caused by a number of factors. Chicago is a crossroads for trucking the United States and as long time Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers we spend a great amount of time speaking and writing about defense tactics that drivers can employ and issues to be wary of when driving on the road with trucks and other large commercial vehicles. Truck accidents are serious and often fatal and the driver of a smaller vehicle usually bears the brunt of the physical and property damage. South Chicago sustains the greatest amount of truck traffic so as always please refer to our other blogs regarding safety and trucking and have those inexperienced drivers you know also educate themselves.

This article just address the 20 most frequently cited factors contributing to accidents involving trucks and if you can be visually and mentally aware of some soft spots we hope we won’t have to see you as an injured victim of one of these terrible motor vehicle accidents. The dangerous factors are as follows:

  1. rushed deliveries
  2. driver fatigue
  3. improperly trained or inexperience driver
  4. aggressive driving
  5. driver with history of reckless or dangerous driving
  6. driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  7. speeding or driving to fast for conditions
  8. unsafe equipment – watch for taillights
  9. oversized or overloaded vehicle
  10. Poorly maintained brakes and vehicles
  11. driver error
  12. blind spots-stay out of them
  13. driver stress and inattention
  14. careless backing
  15. shifting
  16. spilling or spilled loads
  17. sudden stops
  18. overturned trucks
  19. failing to inspect
  20. driver distracted because of cell phone, texting or on-board computers

It’s driving season in Chicago- drive safely and if you can’t stay safe-stay with the Chicago and Cicero Truck Accident Lawyers at Grazian and Volpe!

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