Truck Accidents and the Tired Trucker

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Your Chicago and Cicero Truck Accident Lawyers at Grazian and Volpe are pleased to report that  federal jury has awarded $3 million to the family of a wrongful death victim of a truck accident.  The case involved a collision between two commercial tractor-trailer. Defendant trucker was merging her truck onto the interstate from the emergency lane when she failed to yield the right of way. This caused the victim, who was driving a tandem tractor-trailer to the hit the back of defendant’s truck. Defendant stated that she had pulled off the road to check a light in her cab, then accelerated down the emergency lane to re-enter the right lane. She claimed that she saw the victim’s headlights but miscalculated the distance of victim’s truck. It was determined by the jury that defendant had been on duty for approximately 19 hours prior to the truck accident in violation of the 14-hour “Hour of Service” Rule of the Florida Motor Carrier Safety Act.

Another tragic example of the disregard for safety practiced by some trucking companies and drivers. Please follow your Chicago and Cicero Truck Accident Lawyers at Grazian and Volpe for more safety tips, precautions and discussions of truck and motor vehicle accidents.

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