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The Uninvited Lawyer and Your Personal Injury

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What to do about the “Uninvited Lawyer and Your Personal Injury.” During our 25 years of practice as Chicago Personal injury Attorneys we have had more than just a few clients tell us that they were approached in the hospital(after an accident) by an attorney they did not call or invite or given a attorney’s recommendation by an ambulance driver, emergency room attendant or even a nurse. They ask us what to do about the “Uninvited Lawyer.” Not to cast dispersion upon our profession, but no one ever “invites” an attorney unless they have to. So why does any attorney show up in the hospital or why is there a network of personnel ready to give you an attorneys’ name when you haven’t asked? Truthfully, personal injury law is a competitive field and there are some firms that may “chase” cases and despite the fact that this is most definitely against the Attorney Rules of Professional Conduct; like speeding and running red lights, it happens and it’s not always caught.

Our biggest concern as Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers is what it means for the client when they choose an attorney that they did not “invite.” Let’s put it into context: you have just suffered a traumatic personal injury whether a work accident, car accident, fall or even a dog bite. You are in shock, pain and probably not on your mental game. You may not know the full extent of your injuries, haven’t seen a police report, may be groggy and under pain medication. Your family is under a great deal of stress and are very concerned with your welfare. Frankly, you are feeling lost and maybe a bit desperate-not a great time to buy or commit to anything. So be suspect of anyone making promises or trying to get you to commit to anything during this time. After your car accident or any accident you should be focusing on medical care.You have some time to worry about who will represent you or you call a lawyer you already know and trust. Do your research, make sure that you don’t pick a firm that is a legal mill where you will just be a fee and not a person. Interview the lawyers and make sure they are familiar with your injuries and have handled lawsuits involving the type of injury and accident you have experienced. Beware of the Uninvited Lawyer!

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