Chicago Pedestrians: Most Accidents Occur in Crosswalks

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Chicago Pedestrians Most Accidents Occur in Crosswalks

Chicago Pedestrians: Most Personal Injuries Occur in Crosswalks

About 80 percent of vehicle-pedestrian accidents in Chicago occur at intersections or within 125 feet and commonly involved people crossing the street with the walk signal.

Vehicle-pedestrian accidents have consistently numbered about 3,000 a year in Chicago and between 2005 and 2009 there were 17, 487 crashes involving 18, 377 pedestrians.  It is alarming to discover that the majority of these pedestrian-vehicle accidents occur inside the presumed haven of crosswalks where turning drivers are failing to yield to the crossing pedestrians.

In 2010 an Illinois State Law changed the previous law stating that drivers must yield to pedestrians and stop when necessary. Now the law states that a driver must yield and stop when a pedestrian is in the crosswalk.

The new law coupled with the results of the Chicago traffic study has prompted increased police enforcement of the new law as well as new traffic technology.

Your South Chicago Accident lawyers at Grazian and Volpe have advocated for hundreds of injured pedestrian victims during the last 25 years. We know that pedestrians ages 15-18 represent the biggest number of crash victims and caution our clients and their children to obey all traffic signals and laws and especially to remain vigilant by never trusting the driver of any motor vehicle to see or yield to them.  Above all, stay safe and if you can’t stay safe, stay with Grazian and Volpe, personal injury lawyers of Chicago for over 25 years.

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