Good News for Workers’ Compensation: Doctor’s Detailed Histories to Go Online

Workers’ Compensation claims finally get some good law in Illinois. On August 5th, I wrote about the need for a worker, injured on the job, to know that he or she has the right to choose their own doctor if they are not satisfied with treatment or diagnosis rendered by the company chosen physician ( and, August 5th, 2011).

Now a new law, called the Patient’s Right to Know Act(Act)  has been signed into law by Governor Quinn on August 9th. This Act has been blocked by the doctor’s lobby for more than a decade. Within two months, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation(IDFPR)  will be required to post doctor profiles on its website, The profiles will include whether a physician has been fired, convicted of a crime or has made a medical malpractice payment in the last five years. Other details will include medical schools attended, specialty board certification, number of years in practice and locations.

Of course, this is a positive step for all patients, whether nursing home patients, accident victims, or any person needing treatment from a doctor. However, I am particularly pleased with its application to workers injured on the job who will soon be compelled by the new Workers’ Compensation Act to be seen by the doctor chosen by their employer. This new act protects workers by allowing them to research the history and qualifications of the company doctor and help them to decide whether to seek diagnosis and treatment from another doctor; one of their own choosing.

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