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Mad dog staring. Dog bite victim.
A Belleville man is on the road to recovery after a dog attack left him with serious injuries. Known as man’s best friend, dogs offer companionship, security, assistance, and other support to their owners. Sometimes, however, they cause serious injuries that have lasting effects.  A week after he was attacked by two unknown dogs, the Belleville man remained in the hospital, recovering from the dog bite injuries and receiving rabies treatment.
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Settlement newspaper headline on money.
Car accident settlement amounts depend on factors such as the insurance coverage held by the motorists involved, liability, and the severity of the injuries and property damage. However, other factors may also play a role. For example, punitive damages may be calculated in a settlement if the other party was acting recklessly and in conscious disregard to others.
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Bicycle accident with helmet and bag on the ground with leaves and stones.
In a December 2023 decision, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that the city of Chicago cannot be held responsible for bicycle accidents caused by potholes if there are no bike lanes or signage indicating that the street was intended for bicycle use. This decision has a significant impact on bicyclist safety in the state, and it’s important to know its ramifications.
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An injured patient shaking hands with a lawyer.
Do personal injury cases go to trial? If you are unable to reach a settlement agreement with the at fault party, your personal injury case may go to trial. Personal injury cases usually involve either a formal lawsuit or an informal settlement. In the former, the plaintiff files a lawsuit against the other party for compensation.
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Worker in neck brace with broken arm and businessman in blue jacket shaking hands.
“What does a personal injury lawyer do?” is a question you may ask yourself when you’re wondering whether seeking legal representation is in your best interests. From gathering evidence and valuing your claim to creating a suitable legal strategy for pursuing maximum compensation and representing you in court, a personal injury lawyer’s services help get the best possible outcome for your claim.