Wrongful Death Suit Settled Against Senior Housing

A wrongful death lawsuit was settled on behalf of the children of two elderly parents filed against a senior housing unit in St. Joseph, Missouri.

89-year-old Ellis Marion Stephens and his 86-year-old wife, Iris were killed in a fire at the Danford Hall Apartments.

The decedent’s children filed a wrongful death suit alleging negligence which caused their parent’s deaths.  The fire had started when a man using oxygen in another apartment who was using oxygen fell asleep while smoking.

The negligence alleged involved improper and insufficient fire warning systems and failure to supervise.

Grazian and Volpe if pro-active in counseling their clients as well as the general public of the potential dangers to residents of senior housing and nursing facilities. Relatives and friends of senior residents need to be vigilant in policing the care and staffing of these facilities and to educate themselves as to care and treatment plan proscribed for their loved ones.

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