Workers’ Injury: Big Verdict in Plant Explosion

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Plant explosion in the city

Workers’ Injury: Big Verdict in Plant Explosion

Workers’ Injuries: Man wins $5.71 million dollar verdict for injuries sustained as a result of an explosion at employer power plant.  The jury found his employer liable for deliberately intending the worker’s injuries to occur.

Evidence indicated that the employer had experienced a similar explosion at another power plant approximately 15 months earlier and then failed to take any steps to correct the problem at the plant where the worker/plaintiff was injured.

Numerous experts testified at trial relating that the explosion was caused by the dangerous conditions on a hydrogen tank at the facility and that the employer had knowledge of these conditions as evidenced by a series of fires and explosions in the hydrogen systems.

The jury awarded a $1.571 million verdict to the worker and $100,000 to his wife (see blog August 13, 2011, Personal Injury: Let Me Count Thy Injuries on loss of consortium).  The additional $4 million in punitive damages was a shot across the bow for any company that chooses to disregard its safety rules endangering its employees and the general public.

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