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Due to its subjective nature, there is no precise method by which the financial value of a slip and fall victim’s pain and suffering can be measured. Insurance companies often dispute the monetary value of the pain and suffering slip and fall victims experience due to their injuries. Accordingly, insurance companies sometimes claim that slip and fall victims are exaggerating the pain and suffering they are experiencing. Insurance companies present arguments that cause a victim’s pain and suffering to be undervalued.
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Premises Liability and the Negligent Landlord

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Confused tenant and furious landlord

It has been disheartening to witness the disregard for human safety practiced by a few but a very harmful number of landlords. In fact, landlord should be used as the title used for responsible and caring persons who take care for the safety and well-being of their tenants. The others are simply “slumlords”. We find them primarily operating in distressed areas, taking advantage of Section 8 housing regulations and the financial weakness of tenants.

In our accident law practice, we have advocated on behalf of hundreds of client/tenants personally injured through criminal activity and unsafe conditions engendered by the careless disregard or extreme negligence of these slumlords. Historically, Illinois courts have not proven as responsive to these complaints. However, a recent verdict for $1 million will hopefully draw attention to the cruel and dangerous plight of tenants forced to rent from these negligent landlords. In this particular condo complex, multiple armed robberies, shootings and thefts were committed over a three-year period; largely attributable to the property which had fallen into disrepair and lacked proper door locks and light fixtures. A tenant was shot and killed while walking to his car. He was survived by two adult sons who brought a wrongful death lawsuit against the landlord. They alleged that the landlord provided inadequate security. In addition, the wrongful death complaint stated that the landlord had hired an incompetent property manager with a criminal background. The case settled for $1 million. The landlord negligence lawyer team at the Lloyd Miller Law Group knows this settlement will serve as a positive influence in premises liability law and help to convince courts and insurance carriers to treat slumlords and negligent property managers with an iron fist, sending a firm message to those who do not treat the safety and welfare of their occupants and tenants with the same regard they would show for their own families.

Can You File a Personal Injury Claim Against a Landlord?

Tenants are advised to be proactive in finding and documenting safety and security issues with their landlords. Hopefully, the landlord is responsive and the tenants concerns are solved. If the landlord ignores the tenant’s request, the tenant has documented the problems. This documentation will be useful if the tenant or others sustain a personal injury caused by the issues documented.

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