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A Belleville man is on the road to recovery after a dog attack left him with serious injuries. Known as man’s best friend, dogs offer companionship, security, assistance, and other support to their owners. Sometimes, however, they cause serious injuries that have lasting effects.  A week after he was attacked by two unknown dogs, the Belleville man remained in the hospital, recovering from the dog bite injuries and receiving rabies treatment.
If you were injured on someone’s property in Chicago, Illinois, whether the property is owned by a business or private individual, you may qualify to file a premises liability claim. Several types of incidents fall under premises liability claims. It’s important to know whether your case falls under a premises liability category and the conditions you must meet to hold the landowner responsible.
Premises liability is the responsibility that an owner or occupier of a building or property owes to entrants. If a permitted or invited entrant to a property suffered an injury due to a failure on the part of the owner, he or she may be eligible for compensation for subsequent costs.
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